The Unknown

There are so many wonderful lessons to learn from this musical– some woven into the dialogue and the music, and some that can only be seen when looking between the lines. When examined closely, this musical proves itself to be much more than a collection of fairytales and a tragic second act.  Sondheim makes beautiful use of his art by commenting on both the wishes of each character and the human condition itself.

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“Opportunity is Not a Lengthy Visitor.”

What a telling line.  We’ve all heard variations on this, from “Opportunity knocks but once” to “You must strike the iron while it’s hot”.  Collectively, we all nod our heads and think, “Yes, of course, of course”.  But, as is the way with many things, it’s one thing to acknowledge wisdom and another thing entirely to internalize it.

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Welcome to Lessons from the Woods

Hi everyone!  One of the biggest reasons we decided that Into the Woods would be a good show to tackle is that there are SO many lessons to learn and perspectives to gain from it.  As such, we wanted to give an outlet to our cast members for their own ideas about the show and what it means to them, personally.  Our goal is for this to unfold throughout the coming weeks until showtime, and then we’ll take it down once the show is over.

Let’s see what the future of our theatre community has to say, shall we?

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