Milky White Checks In

Perhaps the most vivacious member of our cast is one of the latest additions. Please allow us to introduce Milky White!

Milky White was born in Huntsville, AL to Carla Thompson with Independent Musical Productions in June of 2001, and has enjoyed an illustrious career since. While she primarily appears as “self” in productions of Into the Woods, she has also appeared as “Lily Flagg” at the Heritage Club in Huntsville. Milky has travelled from Miami, FL to New York City. Milky finds herself in such high demand largely thanks to her consistency and her versatility onstage. In fact, at times, it appears that she was born to play the part!

Aside from being a consummate professional, Milky White is beloved by her many cast and crews.

We’ve asked our own cast to share their own personal “Moments With Milky”:

Connor (Jack)

“So doing Into the Woods this summer I never really did anything super eventful, nothing exciting really ever happened minus rehearsals. I remember doing scenes in the church without an actual cow prop none of my interactions with my ‘cow’ ever really felt real. Once we got into the space and I got my cow it was exciting and it was great! Milky White is honestly just great. Milky has just been like a friend to me. Kids play with their dolls and stuffed animals and call them their friends I feel the same about my Milky. I also love who she is in the show itself. She’s a friend whom jack can have fun with and be whoever he wants to be around without being yelled at by his mother or getting in trouble. Milky is so much fun and yes she’s a fake cow prop, but she’s still my friend!

Also one memory I have of her, it’s kind of embarrassing haha, when I first got her I was so happy to have her, I was almost jealous when she went off with the Baker and when Riley got to push her on cause I was so protective of her!”

Aurora (Jack’s Mother)

“Milky white is my son’s best friend, I remember for a while he wouldn’t leave her side. He even brought her to the bathroom with him. She’s a sickly creature who doesn’t produce milk, eats strange objects, and fixes the curse on the witch. She’s a lovable animal, who will always have a place in my house… as long as she produces milk…”

Abigayle (Baker’s Wife)

“Milky White always keeps me smiling! She is the comic relief, but is also essential to the show in a very serious way. She is well-loved by everyone, and can be thought of as the glue that keeps us all together :)”

John (Baker)

“I first met Milky White when I was backpacking through Asia. I made my way up one of the smaller peaks in the Himalayas and there stood the finest specimen of Bovinity I had ever laid eyes upon. She did not speak, in fact she didn’t seem to know I was there, but I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort even in those sub-zero temperatures. I knew right then and there that this was the only cow for me.”

Brittany (Stepmother)

“Milky white is a very funny little side character in the show! When it comes to Jack cows are a man’s best friend even there are flies in her eyes.

My favorite Milky White moment is when she is pushed onstage in the potion scene. I never imagined a cow would be so hungry to eat a golden slipper.

Even though she may have a strange appetite Milky can be a great pal to anyone.”

Janie (Cinderella)

“A haiku about Milky White:

Milky White says MOOOO
That cow is as white as milk
Milky is my friend.”

Sarah (Witch)

“Ah, Milky White. That charming cow, that fantastic farm animal, that bona fide bovine. What a beautiful, majestic, emaciated creature. Bringing him back to life each night has been the highlight of my performance. When this run ends, the seats may be empty, but the memory of Milky White shall remain.”

Micki (Stage Manager)

“Milky White has been the very best companion backstage.  When it’s been quiet and I’m all alone at my SM Station I look over and there is Milky standing in the tunnel watch me with her big loving eyes.”

Bess (Music Director)

“My favorite memory of Milky White happened at our pick-up rehearsal for the second weekend. I was looking out into the well for my next cue, when I see Connor and Milky White going through the lobby through one of the tunnels. All of a sudden, Milky White flips and Connor’s face was fantastic. His hands were full of hens and his golden egg, so he, with much fear, kept dragging Milky White on her back until he could get help.”

James (Director)

“I think my favorite Milky White moment was onstage for opening night.  After Jack says goodbye to her and kisses her on the forehead, her mouth fell open and stayed that way until the Baker helped to console her.  She’s normally so stalwart in her performance, but I think the sheer emotion of the moment took even her by surprise, and she allowed some of her internal devastation to shine through.”


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