Sophie Hosna – Lucinda

Doing a Sondheim show is very challenging in many ways. Emotionally, you have to commit yourself to your character completely and constantly be “in the zone” or else you won’t get the music; that’s the way Into the Woods was written. I’ve tried to really dig into my character, Lucinda, and discover why she is the way she is. I’ve come the the conclusion that Lucinda had always been second place to her sister. Florinda was the favorite, she got everything first, and she had the most opportunities. Our mother had not only pitted us against each other to compete our whole lives, but painted her as a goddess to me. I was compared to Florinda with everything I did. This created resentment towards my sister, but also a desperate longing to be like her. I think Lucinda was treated similar to Cinderella before Cinderella entered their family, so, when Cindy came and the negative attention was focused onto her, Lucinda had an escape. She wanted someone else to feel what she had been feeling for a long time. She thought she was alone, and that’s where she made her mistake.
A couple days ago I found myself at rehearsal (once again) and listening to the song No One Is Alone with tears in my eyes. I’ve heard it performed many times before, but something was different this time. The lyrics spoke to me in a way they simply hadn’t before and the musical phrases seemed to have as much emotion as the lyrics. The issues and obstacles I had been facing seemed to be addressed specifically in the music.
People make mistakes
Holding to their own
Thinking they’re alone
Honor their mistakes
Fight for their mistakes
Everybody makes one another’s terrible mistakes
When someone treats you wrong or makes a mistake, it hurts. It feels like you’re alone and that no one can possibly feel what you feel. I felt alone, and that’s when I started making my own mistakes; pushing friends and family away, being angry at the world, forgetting patience. Listening to those words struck a chord in my heart. Everyone makes mistakes, what defines us is how we honor them. Do we fight for forgiveness? Or are we fighting them for trying to forgive? Mistakes are made when people feel alone so maybe instead of focusing on our suffering, we should focus on why they are. “They” is referring to whoever hurt you or whoever made their own mistake. We need to try and see what is the source of the character in everyone instead of judging them immediately because everybody makes one another’s terrible mistakes.
When Lucinda was hurt, she pushed away the opportunity of having a real sister. She could’ve been kind to Cinderella and been a friend to her, but she felt alone and wanted someone else to suffer like she had. This was her fatal flaw. When she decided to follow her mother and sister in tormenting Cindy, she was closed the door to her own happiness. Maybe she was scared of letting herself feel love. Maybe she was scared of getting hurt again. Despite the reason, she didn’t honor others’ mistakes. She didn’t fight for others’ mistakes. She couldn’t look past her own pain to see the pain she was putting on others.
Can you?

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