Milky White Checks In

Perhaps the most vivacious member of our cast is one of the latest additions. Please allow us to introduce Milky White!

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Children will listen

I remember the first community show I did, and it just so happened to be West Side Story, directed by our own Micki Lighthall.  I was a Shark, one of the Puerto Rican gang members, and recall very distinctly calling dibs on “Nibbles”, which was unbelievably one of the names listed in the script.  I had to buy a crucifix necklace (fake gold) for that show, and I still have it in my possession as a reminder of that time.

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Witches can be Right

In a musical that contains all of your favorite fairy tale characters, where the word “happy” is repeated more times than I can count and everyone has their wishes granted, there are some dark, poignant, and very real themes addressed.  While diving into the character of the Witch, it has made me realize that not everything in this musical has a positive, wholesome moral.

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“I’ll never, never be happy”

If I had a life coach, I would want him to be Sondheim. His musical Into the Woods is chalk full of useful bits of advice, realistic decision making, and life lessons that will never be irrelevant. One of the things I love about the show is the specific and individual teachings tied to each character and as I develop my character, Rapunzel, I learn a lot from her. The most important lesson she has taught me is to not let other people’s words and actions, or even my own negative experiences determine my happiness. Unfortunately I learned this lesson because Rapunzel does the opposite of that.

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Life in the Woods

“Once upon a time”

We all grew up hearing these four words at the beginning of every fairy tale. The tales of giants, witches, spells, and a beautiful princess locked in a tower hidden in the woods. The musical Into the Woods has shared with me the hidden secrets from these fairytales. Each story has a lesson to be learned and each lesson has either a happily ever after or… just an ever after.

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If the Shoe Fits

I work as a receptionist for four hours a day, three mornings a week, and we don’t get an incredibly large number of phone calls. Most days, I bring my script to work and mouth the words of the incredibly complex songs to myself. Sometimes I write letters or stories from the perspective of Florinda, trying to get into her head.

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Doing a Sondheim show is very challenging in many ways. Emotionally, you have to commit yourself to your character completely and constantly be “in the zone” or else you won’t get the music; that’s the way Into the Woods was written. I’ve tried to really dig into my character, Lucinda, and discover why she is the way she is.

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